Dental Fillings


Although most people know about the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth, cavities are still the most prevalent dental issue. Over 90 percent of adults 20 and over have experienced cavities, and 27 percent of them have untreated ones. Having our dentist at Smiles of Gilbert Dentistry treat teeth with fillings is the best way to resolve those cavities and keep teeth healthy.

Filling Materials

When a cavity needs treatment, our dentist in Gilbert, AZ, will use a drill to remove the affected enamel. After removing the decay, our dentist will choose from these materials for the filling:

  • Gold
  • Amalgam
  • Ceramic
  • Glass ionomer
  • Composite resin

Amalgam is a combination of metals that includes copper, tin, silver, and elemental mercury. Dentist have been using amalgam for over 100 years because it is a durable filling and is safe to use.

How to Choose a Filling Material

Our dentist near you will choose the fillings for your teeth based on their location. For instance, if you have premolars or molars that need filling, strong materials are necessary to withstand the chewing forces of those teeth.

However, if you get cavities in your front teeth, the fillings do not have to be as strong. Ceramic or composite resin is an excellent choice for the front teeth as they are also tooth-colored and will blend in well with your other teeth.

Prolong the Life of Fillings

Although most fillings last between 10-15 years, you can prolong that time by being careful with what you do to your teeth. Don’t use your teeth to tear open packages, bite your nails, or chew on pencils or other hard objects. Also, when brushing your teeth, use a soft-bristled brush. Brushing your tooth too hard can wear down dental work, including a filling.

If your teeth feel sensitive to cold or hot foods and drinks or you have a toothache, contact our dentist at Smiles of Gilbert Dentistry to book a teeth examination. If our dentist find cavities, they can treat your teeth and put in fillings near you to save your smile.

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