If you have missing teeth, you may not be happy with your appearance. Instead of sacrificing your smile and personality, visit our dentist at Smiles of Gilbert Dentistry to replace your teeth with a dental bridge. Bridges will not only keep you smiling, but they will restore the functionality of your teeth.

Selecting a Bridge

After our dentist in Gilbert, AZ, examine your teeth, they will recommend the bridge that you need. They may recommend a:

  • Traditional or fixed bridge
  • Cantilever bridge
  • Maryland-bonded bridge
  • Implant-supported bridge

Traditional or Fixed Bridge –Whether you’re missing one tooth or multiple teeth, you can have them replaced with a fixed bridge. This bridge consists of a pink acrylic base with pontics, or fake teeth, set in the base. It fits on top of the gum, anchored on each end by dental crowns.

Cantilever Bridge – Our dentist near you may recommend cantilever bridges in Gilbert, AZ to patients with only one healthy tooth to anchor them. Having only one anchoring tooth can happen if a bridge is replacing teeth at the back of your mouth, including the molars at the end of your jaw.

Maryland Bonded Bridge – A Maryland bonded bridge gets support from attaching metallic wings onto the back of the teeth besides the bridge. It is less invasive than a fixed bridge because the supporting teeth do not need altering, except for attaching the small wings.

Implant-supported Bridge – This bridge is becoming more popular because patients like how natural the implants look and function. They are the closest to having real teeth again, but it can take months before the bridge is ready for use due to the surgery and healing times involved.

Why is Replacing Teeth Necessary?

It’s essential to replace missing teeth with dental bridges near you. When you lose teeth, the healthy ones will begin to drift toward the spaces that once held your natural teeth. As they drift, they will loosen, and you will lose additional teeth. If you want to replace missing teeth with a bridge, book an appointment with our dentist at Smiles of Gilbert Dentistry. They will help you get back and keep your smile.

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