Why is Teeth Whitening Best Performed at the Dentist?

Why is Teeth Whitening Best Performed at the Dentist?

April 1, 2023

If you wonder whether you must get your teeth brightened by visiting the dentist near you or using home whitening products purchased from drugstores or supermarkets, it helps to consider the differences between the two choices. At the same time, you can achieve brighter teeth from the comfort of your home at affordable prices than by visiting the dentist; the results achieved from in-office teeth whitening from a dentist are far better and last longer than drugstore and supermarket-purchased products. If you want to know why in-office teeth whitening treatments from dentists are better, we strongly recommend you pay attention to the information here because it helps you make an informed decision.

How to Book an Appointment for Teeth Whitening?

Before you consider whitening your teeth from a dentist, you must research a dental office also specializing in cosmetic dentistry to ensure you receive the therapy from an experienced dentist caring for your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth to prevent irritation from the bleaching ingredients they use when providing the treatment. Dental care must remain on your mind because you wouldn’t want to experience tooth sensitivity after brightening your teeth. In addition, after you have decided on the dental office for your teeth whitening, it helps if you visit them to discuss the treatment and determine whether you are eligible. Occasionally dentists refuse whitening treatments if you have tooth decay and gum disease and suggest treating the infections before receiving the whitening therapy. The dentist provides information that dental restorations like crowns and tooth-colored fillings do not respond to whitening treatments to make you aware of what you can expect.

You can schedule your appointment for the whitening with the dental office only after you convince yourself they will offer you the best care for your teeth when whitening them.

Expectations from an Office Teeth Whitening

Faster Results: Whether you choose home teeth whitening or dentist-provided in-office whitening, the ingredients used during the therapy contain hydrogen peroxide. Home whitening systems contain 3 to 20 percent hydrogen peroxide, while in-office treatments have 15 to 43 percent. The concentrated content of the bleaching ingredients used by the dentist providing professional teeth whitening in Gilbert whitens your teeth faster than home whitening treatments.

Besides using concentrated hydrogen peroxide ingredients, dentists also use heat and light to accelerate the whitening process. Therefore, if home whitening treatment requires weeks or months before you observe results, professional teeth whitening changes the color of teeth by 3 to 8 shades in one hour.

Low-Risk Therapy: tooth sensitivity and gum irritation after teeth whitening is familiar adverse effects. When the whitening ingredient remains on your teeth for too long, your teeth become dehydrated, causing sensitivity. The discomfort heightens if you use home whitening treatments that do not deliver the desired results. In contrast, dentists offering professional teeth whitening protect your teeth and gums before using hydrogen peroxide on your teeth by providing cheek retractors and rubber dams because they are aware of preventing damage to your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth.

Brighter and Longer Lasting Smile: When you get your teeth whitened from the Gilbert dental office, you can expect a more radiant and longer-lasting smile because dentists ensure they examine your teeth to guarantee excellent results that you cannot achieve with home whitening treatments.

The dentist will clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup before applying the hydrogen peroxide to optimize results. The dentist monitors the whitening process during the therapy to ensure nothing goes wrong. They also ensure the treatment is painless with minimal tooth sensitivity or gum irritation affecting you following the therapy.

Unlike home whitening treatments using whitening toothpaste or other remedies helpful for removing surface stains in office whitening therapies offered by dentists work against extrinsic and intrinsic stains by penetrating your teeth to remove all signs of discoloration that might have occurred from foods and beverages, infections, injuries, age, et cetera. You also receive information before starting the treatment that you may need more sessions if your teeth are significantly discolored.

Finally, after getting your teeth whitened, the dentist provides a fluoride treatment to minimize sensitivity and help battle against cavities for several months. In addition, you also receive advice to avoid harmful habits like smoking and limiting the consumption of staining foods and beverages that leave surface stains on your teeth faster than you imagine.

The popularity of teeth whitening treatments has encouraged many professionals, including beauty salons, to offer these therapies at prices more affordable than dentists. However, the ADA recommends not receiving whitening treatments from professionals unqualified in dentistry because they can cause more harm to your teeth and mouth than good. Therefore if you want to whiten your teeth, you must receive treatment from a qualified dentist with thorough knowledge of your dental anatomy.

If you have discolored teeth that need brightening Smiles of Gilbert provides painless safe and effective whitening therapies to brighten them within an hour. Discuss your equipment by scheduling an appointment with them to get your teeth whitened to enjoy the beautiful smile you desire.