What Problems Can Rotten Teeth Cause?

What Problems Can Rotten Teeth Cause?

June 20, 2022

When you confront the problem of bad breath, you often seek over-the-counter remedies like chewing gum or sucking on mints. You might also consider digestive supplements overlooking the problem that rotten teeth are causing lousy breath.


You can develop bad breath from decayed teeth because your teeth are rotting from within to give out a foul odor. You might experience different signs of the dangers of rotting teeth that might surprise you. Some of the symptoms are mentioned below for your understanding to encourage you to visit an experienced dentist to determine the best possible action.


Problems Associated with Rotten Teeth


There are several problems you might confront when you have excessively decayed teeth in your mouth. Some of them are the following:


Trembling Hands


Tooth decay, when left untreated, can cause your immune system to deteriorate over time. The deterioration can cause your body to display specific signs of weakness like trembling hands.


Low Energy


You might lack the confidence necessary to socialize and remain hidden, causing you to lose energy and excitement from life because of decayed teeth. In addition, you might fear visiting the dental office near you to have tooth decay evaluated and treated because of dental phobia.


When you have decayed teeth, the optimal option is to have the small cavities in your tooth restored with dental fillings. Unfortunately, if you leave tooth decay untreated for too long, the bacteria in your mouth eventually get to the dental pulp to require the fearsome root canal treatment. On the other hand, filling the tooth provides some relief from the bad breath you experience and even helps preserve your natural tooth.


Gum Disease


You develop tooth decay because you allow plaque to remain on your teeth. Plaque constantly accumulates in your mouth to eventually cause gum disease in the long term. What starts as gingivitis, a preventable condition, progresses to periodontal disease, later requiring frequent visits to the dentist in Gilbert to maintain the situation, which has no cure.


Periodontal disease can also make you search for tooth replacement solutions because the condition affects your jawbone and causes your teeth to loosen. All this and more merely because you neglected getting treatment for tooth decay allowing the infection to fester in your mouth.




Bacteria from infected teeth move to your bloodstream to create a medical condition called sepsis. When you have compromised immune systems, sepsis or a blood infection can attack you. Sepsis frequently strikes patients in hospitals to younger or older patients.


Can Rotten Teeth Cause Mental Illness?


Your mouth is associated with your entire body, and improper oral hygiene and health can impact feelings of self-confidence and personal value harmful to your mental health. In addition, poor oral health can exacerbate social anxiety resulting in depression besides challenges in eating and speaking, poor appearance because of yellowing, decaying or missing teeth, and bad breath. Therefore, if you want your mental health to remain balanced, you must ensure your dental health remains optimal.


Can a Rotten Tooth Be Saved?


Saving a severely decayed tooth is not a challenge and is accomplished by experienced dentists providing various treatments to save the entire tooth or at least part of it.


Besides providing dental fillers to restore tiny cavities, the Gilbert dentist recommends treatments like inlays and Onlays to restore extensively decayed teeth as a conservative procedure. However, if you have a tooth with decay reaching the dental pulp, the dentist recommends endodontic therapy to eradicate the infection from within your tooth and restore it with a dental crown.


Excessively decayed teeth are preserved by dentists using various techniques that help ensure you don’t lose your natural tooth to an error you committed knowingly or unknowingly. Dentists are saviors of your teeth and will make every effort to ensure you never confront a situation where you have intensive infections in your mouth by recommending preventive measures to avoid unnecessary complications.


The preventive measures suggested by dentists are not complicated or expensive but merely require some effort on your part when caring for your teeth and gums. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste once in the morning and at night. You must also incorporate flossing into your dental hygiene routine to eliminate dental plaque to, prevent the development of rotten teeth and refrain from having sugary and starchy foods that your mouth bacteria love to feast on. In addition, you must get six-monthly dental exams and cleanings to prevent complications in your mouth and enjoy optimal oral health.


If you are affected by the issue of bad breath, consider visiting the dental practice Smiles of Gilbert dentistry today, where you can receive treatment for the condition and any other matter that might affect your teeth.

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