Can You Drink Hot Coffee After a Root Canal?

Can You Drink Hot Coffee After a Root Canal?

October 20, 2022

Suppose you’ve undergone a root canal procedure at Smiles of Gilbert Dentistry the previous day. While you may have a brighter, healthier smile, your mouth is still painful. You’d like to go back to your regular cup of coffee that jumpstarts your day, but then you stop to think. Is it safe to take coffee after a root canal? In this article, we talk about whether you can grab coffee after a root canal. We also highlight some of the foods you should avoid and answer frequently asked questions about this topic.

Can I Drink Hot Coffee After the Procedure?

Our Gilbert dentist does not recommend drinking hot coffee or any other warm beverages after undergoing a root canal procedure. This is because the heat from the coffee interrupts gum tissue regeneration. As a result, the chances of the root canal being successful will reduce. However, you can have iced or lukewarm coffee.

The reasons are explained below:

Your Mouth Is Numb After a Root Canal

During the procedure, your mouth is anesthetized. Even after the procedure is over, you are likely to feel extreme numbness in your mouth, making drinking and eating difficult as you will barely feel your lips, hums, cheeks, and tongue.

This way, you easily burn yourself without knowing. Your mouth is still sore, and you do not want to add to the pain with burns. Because lukewarm and iced coffee poses a less burn threat, you can have them after your procedure. However, an iced caffeinated beverage could cause mouth irritations if you’re allergic to sugar. As you sip your coffee, ensure you do not chew on the ice as it could exert pressure on your teeth.

It Will Interrupt Your Healing

Drinking hot coffee slows down your healing journey. During a root canal, your dentist opens up the tooth crown area before proceeding to remove the pulp and create space for the filling. After filling the tooth, they will seal the tooth using adhesive cement. Lastly, they will put a crown on your tooth at your next appointment so you can continue using it normally.

After the procedure, your gum tissue will start growing back. Post-root canal, your gums are already sensitive. Therefore, flooding them with hot coffee worsens the situation. It slows down regeneration, impairing the healing process.

Other Foods to Avoid

Besides hot coffee, here are some other foods and beverages that are off-limits as your mouth continues to recover:


Alcohol is a no-go zone as drinking is linked to post-root canal bleeding, which would necessitate an emergency appointment with your dentist. Also, alcohol prevents your gums from regenerating normally, dragging the healing process.

Spicy Foods

If jerk chicken, spicy broth, and peppers are your favorites, you might want to give them up for a while. Your mouth is now very sensitive and won’t be able to withstand all the spiciness.


Bread is very chewy and, therefore, will put pressure on your tooth. In some cases, its chewiness could also remove your tooth’s crown.

Sticky Candy

Stay away from sticky candy like gummies, taffy, and gum after your procedure. Although the crow is anchored to your teeth using dental-grade cement, sticky candy could easily knock it off.


Carrots are crunchy. While they may be an excellent addition to your diet, do not incorporate them right after a root canal. Biting into a carrot could make your mouth sorer. I could also dislodge the crown.

How Long Will My Mouth Be Sore After a Root Canal?

After a root canal, expect a few days of mild discomfort. As long as you avoid hot beverages and hard foods, this will go away in no time. However, if you notice no improvement after three days, you might need to see your dentist.

Should You Take a Day off After a Root Canal?

Resting after the procedure will go a long way in quickening the healing process. Therefore, it is advisable that you take a day off after a root canal. During this time, ensure you get plenty of sleep.

Root Canal Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

Before our dentist resorts to removing your tooth, they will first try to salvage it. One of the restorative dentistry procedures we offer at our dental office is root canal treatment. Do you want to have a root canal in Gilbert, AZ, and can’t find a reputable dental office? Look no further than Smiles of Gilbert Dentistry. Call us today and book an appointment.

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